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In May this year, we started the Bendigo adventure with the HelloSister program.

HelloSister is a strategy to scale the SisterWorks successful model to other communities, functioning as Empowerment hubs. We aim to create a space to learn, share, support and growth.

Bendigo was selected to be one of the pioneers’ rural cities partners of SisterWorks, due to its high density of migrant families.

Currently, nine women are part of HelloSister program, with a waiting list of 200 new women from migrant, refugee or asylum seeker background. The activities run every Tuesday at St. Andrew’s Uniting Church Hall.

The program has been focused on a training/production model “Learning by Doing” in a safe and ethical environment. The Design Lab coordinator (Leah Sigley) and volunteers are supporting our Bendigo Sisters during their journey. Providing them skills focused on high-quality finished products, time management skills, respect and confidence in themselves; this is their first step as entrepreneurs.

Three amazing key partners have supported our work in Bendigo:

St Andrew’s Uniting Church Bendigo: providing us with a space to work, a hall in the building close by the church.

Bendigo Community Health Services: helping us to reach women with refugee or asylum seeker background as a referral partner.

Additionally, our unique model of training and monetary incentives promotes an environment where our entrepreneurs feel regarded and valued. The group is working under ethical standards, developing handmade products in a community that provides a safe and positive environment for learning. Nurturing and promoting a space for share, practice their English skills and bring their children.

Support us

We are currently finding new support options, that will help us to develop a permanent and sustainable program in Bendigo. If you are willing to help, please do not hesitate to contact us: donate@sisterworks.org.au.

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