Alejandra, Chile


Alejandra makes jewellery

My name is Maria Alejandra and I am from Chile. My family and I arrived in Australia in 2011. Initially, I kept busy taking care of Catalina, my only child. During this time, my English was poor and I couldn’t get a job.

I tried to sell my jewellery in different markets around Melbourne, but this task was too complicated for me at that time.

Then I started to clean some houses near where Catalina went to school. I did this for a year. I then got Australian residency and started to study English at Holmesglen TAFE. Eventually, I found SisterWorks.

I later returned to Australia as a working visitor, to take an English course for teaching adults. I decided to stay on in order to experience Australian culture. I was offered a job from an educational agent, and moved to Sydney for six years.

My life changed because learning English is so important to improving my life in this country. Through SisterWorks, I found more, and better opportunities for my family and me.

SisterWorks has helped me make connections and work with people who have helped me in different ways. I have had access to business workshops, design labs and relevant information—all of which has greatly improved my life. Also, I have created my own jewellery brand called KELKAY, which means “necklace” in an indigenous Chilean language.

I am so happy and independent now, and I want to say thanks to SisterWorks for this big change—to make me an entrepreneur and an empowered woman.

With the birth of my son Ian in November 2015, I certainly have had a busy year. Instead of frequenting markets to sell my jewellery, I have recently focused on online marketing using my website and Instagram. I photograph everything myself, and use this medium to promote my products as well as SisterWorks.

I now also stock my products in local homeware, interior design and gift shops around Melbourne. Additionally I run jewellery making and design workshops for youngsters from home, as well as workshops for women at the Flemington Community Centre, among other places.

I have launched my new Wire Collection, with similar techniques as my previous designs, but this time utilising wire, stone and glass.

I am able to bring in my son Ian as a little helper when I work in the Sisterworks shopfront in Richmond, so come in and say hi!

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