Alia Sultana, Pakistan


Alia has her own catering business, A.M.I. Catering

My name is Alia. I am from Quetta, Pakistan. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, I married Haji Mohammad, a wonderful man. We have two daughters and two sons. As per my Muslim culture, I was happy to stop my career and look after our family. My husband had a successful career as a businessman in the pharmaceutical industry. I was a happy housewife with all my needs fulfilled.
But as we are Hazara and Haji was a well-known businessman, our entire family began to receive death threats. Some members of our family had already been killed…

It was a hard decision for us to choose whether to live in terror in our homeland or to loose what we had and try to start a life in another country.

As Irum, our elder daughter was already in Australia as an international student, my husband, youngest daughter and I arrived with visitors’ visas. We have lived here since 2011.

In Australia, my role at home changed. Here I needed to work and support my family.

Initially with SisterWorks, I started to import and sell crafts made by Hazara women in my country. At the same time I and other women of my community started The Australian Hazara Women’s Friendship Network, where I am vice president. As a volunteer, I support newly arrived women by translating things for them, and helping them access the resources they need. As refugees at the beginning we have basic needs. We have to start from scratch and need support to start a new life. But now it is imperative that my family become self-sufficient, as we would like to work and pay our bills.

I need to take advantage of my skills to make money. I am an amazing cook, so from the beginning of 2015 we began a catering business.

Our catering business is called A.M.I Catering. The name comes from the first letters of my name and those of my children’s. But is also means “motherhood”; and my food is made with the love of a mother who wants to do the best for her children and family.

With SisterWorks I am starting to understand what we need to set up a proper business in Australia.

I have the basic requirements to make and sell food, but we also need to get more funding so that AMI Catering will strength and can grow. At the moment if you need a catering services, AMI Catering can be a good option. Please have us in mind.

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