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Andy, Hong Kong


Andy makes bags

My name is Andy and I am from Hong Kong and have two children. I came to Australia because my husband lives here. I first came to Australia in 1990 on holiday. I moved here in 2010.

I was shop manager at a cosmetic company in my home country.

When I came to Australia, speaking English was difficult. I could understand what people were saying, but did not like to speak. I meet Luz in English class, over four years ago, and she introduced me to SisterWorks. I make both greeting cards and handbags.

I chose making handbags because I think they will sell well—but making them takes lots of trials and practice!

I have made friends through SisterWorks, and their volunteers taught me to use the sewing machine. My English skills have also developed, and SisterWorks has pushed me to learn to drive in Australia.

Volunteers helped me with design of my bags and gave me advice on which bags to take to the market. They taught me how to speak effectively to customers.

I dream of having my own handbag label, and I hope SisterWorks can help me advertise my brand and sell my bags online.

Recently I have been involved in catering at SisterWorks. I hope that we will be able to open up a coffee shop. I make snack foods from Hong Kong, such as sesame balls, dumplings and egg tarts. I also make lemon butter that is very popular at markets. My mum in Hong Kong taught me how to make these foods. I have also gotten a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery from Careers Australia.

I am continuing to produce my products for the SisterWorks shop, including greeting cards, purses, aprons and handbags!

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