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Anita, Malaysia


Anita was employed before COVID, but like many women, particularly those from migrant backgrounds, she was unable to work during the pandemic. Isolated and unmotivated at home, Anita was unemployed for a couple of years and felt extremely lonely as she was unable to build a community or make close friends. She also had the mental block that the Australian workforce was only for ‘younger’ people.  She fortunately found SisterWorks Hospitality program and quickly joined.  

Through the program and supported by SisterWorks staff, Anita was able to make new friends with other Sisters in the class and became a part of the larger SisterWorks community. The program also introduced her to different, potential employers which built her confidence level by gaining support and assistance in her job search. Anita is now working at SisterWorks production team and has a strong network and peer group with other Sisters.

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