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Anna, Thailand


Anna makes stuffed toys

I am Anna, and I come from Thailand. I came to Australia in 2010. My husband passed away when I was pregnant with my third child, so I came to Australia on my own.

When I was applying for my protection visa I went to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

My counsellor noticed that I’m always making crafts while I wait for her. She said, “Oh, you should go to SisterWorks. They can help turn your skill into a business.”

She gave me their contact information. I felt my English was very bad, so I did nothing. After a year, I felt that I needed to start doing something, so I sent SisterWorks an email. Luz invited me to come to the Collingwood Lab. At the lab Zena says, “OK, next week, would you like to come and try selling your products at a market?”

I only sold $40.00 the first week, but I went again. I sold $240 the next time. I then went to many markets with SisterWorks after that.

My experience with SisterWorks has been really good. I’ve gotten to know more people. I am more confident travelling around. Now, I can text in English on my phone—that is new for me. And I have started to drive. My children, too, know they must study very hard in order to succeed here. I support them every way I can. I have a big dream. I understand how hard it is for a single parent to look after the kids. I also believe that kids are our future, and that a woman is the most important person in looking after children. From the income of my little business, I want to support women and orphans. That’s my dream. It’s a long way to go.

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