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Bee, Angola


Bee makes jewellery

I am Bee. I’m originally from Angola, but grew up in Australia. I’m married and have two children.

For five years I worked in a pathology as a phlebotomist. I loved my job, but it wasn’t really my passion. I don’t believe in waking up every morning to a job that you are not passionate about. In October 2015 I resigned from my job to start my own business. I hand-make accessories with touches of African prints.

I’ve had all my ideas and goals planned out, but I just needed guidance on product development, pricing and how to market a brand.

A friend told me about SisterWorks, so I called and made an appointment. I found the people there to be very welcoming. I learnt all about the organisation, their home on Swan Street and their new shop.

A week later I was invited to a SisterWorks home party. While there, I made my very first sale: $40. I was super excited!

SisterWorks has provided me with a mentor who helps me in areas that need improvement, for example, how to professionally finish my products. Soon I will have my first photoshoot to showcase the versatility of my designs. The SisterWorks home has a great environment, that empowers and encourages women to follow their dreams and passions.

I want to help women who have dreams but are afraid to accomplish them or do not know how to start.

I now make and sell jewellery as part of my own business, Chaya Boutique Liputa. My handmade statement pieces can be described as Eclectic Afro-Bohemian with a touch of Liputa. The brand intends to assist in re-creating a bold and eccentric look, tailor an individual artistic expression and make a vivid fashion statement. My mission is to break cultural boundaries.

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