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Camila, Chile



Camila arrived in Sydney from Chile under a working holiday visa. As she was searching for opportunities to expand her knowledge, she decided to move to Melbourne and commence her journey in business with the dreams of becoming self-employed. She dedicated herself to a passion for painting and illustration, founding her business Lime and Lemon with a friend in 2020. Camila was referred to the SisterWorks Entrepreneurship program in 2021. 

SisterWorks supporters and customers immediately embraced Camila’s products and artworks shown and sold in the SisterWorks shop. This success encouraged her to invest more time into growing her business. Numerous market opportunities through SisterWorks have allowed Camila to network and meet her customers face to face to better understand their needs. She believes that SisterWorks is the perfect place to start a business and meet other female entrepreneurs. Moreover, it provides a safe community for immigrants to lean on for emotional support. With numerous exhibitions, awards, and grants on Camila’s horizon, it is only the beginning of her journey. 

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