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Celebrating people in our community

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One of the best things about the SisterWorks community is that it is a safe and welcoming space that we can all come and go from. Sometimes life gets busy, or we may need to put our focus elsewhere, but we always have a place at SisterWorks to return to.

Today we would like to acknowledge two of our most long term and committed Sisters. Some of our newer members may not know Viv and Petronia, but we have been so happy to see their familiar faces at SisterWorks storefronts on Wednesday’s during March. They are both SisterWorks founders and have been working working together, at different times, for six years now.

Viv first came to SisterWorks as our CEO’s personal mentor and English teacher. Since then she has had many different roles. She is an invaluable member of our Sisterhood community.

Petronia has spent some time away from SisterWorks of late but we are so glad to see her back working on some fun new projects!

Viv ran our first Design Lab in Elwood Community Centre, and each week she used to pick up and drive a carload of Sisters to make it easier for them to attend. She used to manage donations of materials and maintained all the equipment. When we first opened a regular Wednesday market in Mornington Viv was there each week helping Sisters to set up displays, develop their confidence speaking to customers and working with them on our product quality.

We don’t see her very often at SisterWorks Richmond these days, but she is always helping out. Viv loves seeing all the ways Petronia has grown in the past six years. She says she smiles a lot more than she used to.

Petronia’s business is a great example of how effective personalised and focused attention can be for an entrepreneur. Business journeys require a lot of patience and are not always quick, but over time you can see incredible progress.

Thanks to these two ladies for everything they bring to our SisterWorks family!

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