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Code of Conduct

Our vision

Our vision is an Australia in which all migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women are economically empowered.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide these women with opportunities to build their confidence, independence and skills to improve their economic outlook.

Our values and what we stand for

  • Together we support the belief that Work Empowers Women
  • Together with empathy, we are strong
  • Together we embrace diversity and difference
  • Together we have complimentary knowledge
  • Together we acknowledge each other and our achievements
  • Together we learn by doing
Why do we have a code?

Our Code of Conduct sets out our individual and shared responsibilities in the work we do.

The Code is your ethical guide; it will help you make the right decision every time, protecting you as an Employee, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Intern and SisterWorks as a company.

The SisterWorks Way talks about us all being empowered and accountable for our actions. To ensure you give yourself the best chance to succeed, please familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct.

              What should I do if I witness a breach of the Code?

              As an employee, entrepreneur, volunteer or intern you should not only live by the Code but ensure your fellow colleagues, entrepreneurs, volunteers, interns and customers also adhere to our principles. If you suspect that someone you know may have breached our Code while working at SisterWorks you should report them to a SisterWorks Team Lead in the first instance. If for any reason you are unable to relay this information to a Team Lead, please contact Caroline Mills at Allegra Consulting (the organisation assisting SisterWorks with HR matters). If you still feel your concern is not being heard, you should contact the CEO or Board Members.

              Allegra Consulting

              Caroline Mills – 0404 881 432 | caroline.mills@allegraconsulting.com.au


              Ifrin Fittock – ifrin@sisterworks.org.au

              SisterWorks Board Committee

              Board Chair – chair@sisterworks.org.au

              What if I breach the Code?

              We take breaches of the Code of Conduct seriously. Breaches may lead to a variety of outcomes, from further training through to (but not limited to) termination of employment, entrepreneurship or volunteer position.

              What if I have any questions?

              If you are unsure about any areas in this Code, please see your direct manager or any of the people identified above. 

              Health and Safety

              At SisterWorks we are all responsible for acting safely and this is a condition of employment of any kind, for all at SisterWorks. Through our Think safe. Act safe. Be safe. strategic approach to safety, we have one consistent way of managing safety, as well as one set of guidelines and performance measures. Each person is responsible for acting safely, without risk to themselves or others. Management is responsible and accountable for workplace health and safety. To ensure everyone can do what is expected of them, regular training in safety is provided, as are the tools to help you work safely.


              • Advise a SisterWorks team member or occupational health and safety representative if you find yourself in a situation which you know, or think may, present a threat to your or someone else’s health or safety.
              • Report potential hazards, near miss incidents or other health and safety concerns directly to a SisterWorks team member or occupational health and safety representative.
              • Ensure you know how to do your job safely and follow work procedures; if you are ever unsure or have questions, speak with your manager for assistance or further training. 
              • Ensure you know your obligations with respect to your health and safety – and the health and safety of your fellow team members.


              • Be afraid to stop and ask questions if you are unsure of the task you are doing. 
              • Put yourself in a situation that poses a threat to your health and safety or anyone else’s in your role with SisterWorks. 
              • Take short cuts, ignore your job procedures, ignore hazards or near miss incidents.

              Workplace Behaviours

              We are all responsible for the impact of our own behaviour on SisterWorks ‘family’ and communities in which we operate. This policy sets out our commitment towards workplace behaviours, the expected behaviour of all SisterWorks ‘family members’ including Staff, Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers and Interns and the consequences of not behaving in the appropriate way. These standards reflect our values and we require that you behave in accordance with these while acting for or on behalf of SisterWorks.


              • Treat everyone with respect and uphold our values of integrity, trust, safety, teamwork, being open and transparent and continuous improvement through our ‘learning by doing’ approach.
              • Support and promote SisterWorks’s commitments to positive workplace behaviour. 
              • Comply with the law. 
              • Participate in workplace behaviours training. 
              • Openly participate in workplace investigations with integrity. 
              • Treat individuals in a non-discriminatory manner in all aspects of employment such as recruitment, compensation/benefits, training, promotion, transfer and termination. 
              • Speak up if you see inappropriate behaviour or you are unsure what to do talk to your manager or HR manager.


              • Discriminate, harass, verbally abuse, bully, vilify, victimise or act, or threaten to act, violently towards another employee or anyone else. 
              • Put up with unlawful or unethical workplace behaviour. If you feel victimised or see this type of behaviour in the workplace, follow the appropriate channels to raise your concerns.

              Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity

              Respecting others is one of our core beliefs at SisterWorks. We value and encourage the contributions of team members with different capabilities, experiences and perspectives.


              • Welcome others in a respectful manner to their work environment without bias based on personal circumstances or attributes. 
              • Behave with integrity, courtesy and respect for others. 
              • Complete any training provided by SisterWorks in respect of diversity and our equal opportunity standards and practices. 
              • Bring to the attention of management any actions or behaviour which is not in line with our commitment to equal opportunity and diversity at SisterWorks.


              • Show lack of regard or disrespect to anyone based on their personal circumstances or attributes. 
              • Accept or ignore behaviour by others that is in conflict with SisterWorks’s view of equal opportunity and diversity − whether it applies to you or to someone else at SisterWorks.

              Drugs and Alcohol

              The inappropriate use or consumption of drugs or alcohol by SisterWorks team members, Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers or Interns while undertaking their employment/volunteer/contractual duties is not tolerated.


              • Refrain from the inappropriate use of drugs or consumption of alcohol that interferes or may interfere with the outcomes of your employment/volunteer/contractual duties or the provision of a safe work environment for all at SisterWorks. 
              • Be aware of drinking responsibly at social and business functions where you are representing or are a guest of SisterWorks. 
              • Speak out if you feel a colleague is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tell a SisterWorks team member so they do not put themselves or others in danger.


              • Possess, solicit, sell, distribute or consume illicit or non-prescribed drugs while on the job, or when it may affect you on the job at a later point in time. Depending on the nature of a drug or extent of alcohol consumption, you can still be physically and/or mentally affected many hours later. 
              • Be under the influence of illicit, prescribed or non-prescribed drugs or alcohol to a level where it could risk injury to any person including you, or contradicts any statutory requirement. This applies to any role at SisterWorks.

              Internet, Email and Electronic Devices - Acceptable Use

              This Acceptable Use Policy applies to all persons/organisations granted access to an email account, device, system, software or account related to, owned or used by SisterWorks Incorporated to conduct its business and/or operations. The need for this Acceptable Use Policy is to protect yourself, others and the organisation itself and provide a stable and secure working environment. While SisterWorks respects the individual privacy of its Team Members, Volunteers, Interns and Entrepreneurs, they cannot expect privacy rights to relate to SisterWorks-related activities and equipment. Accordingly all Team Members, Volunteers, Interns and Entrepreneurs should note that the contents of messages and work documents on these systems are not entirely private. All information contained within the system is SisterWorks property. While it is not SisterWorks’s policy to routinely monitor or access a Team Member, Volunteer, Intern or Entrepreneur’s files/messages/accounts, SisterWorks does retain the right to inspect any such files/messages/accounts, for work purposes, at its sole discretion.


              • Keep any passwords you have been given to yourself. If you record them somewhere, ensure they are securely stored. 
              • Keep your device and internet browser security software up to date when using your own devices to perform SisterWorks-related work and activities. This includes scanning email attachments before opening them and notifying a SisterWorks Team Member immediately if you suspect a breach of security has occurred or virus been spread. 
              • Remember that the Policy relating to ‘Workplace Behaviours’ (above) also applies to methods of communication carried out via internet, email, mobile and computer. 


              • Send/download/upload, or cause to be sent/downloaded/uploaded, communications containing text or graphics that can be construed as harassment or disparagement of others based on sex, race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, colour, marital status, gender identity or any other characteristic protected by State or Federal laws
              • Use SisterWorks equipment or supplies (including internet data) for your own personal or non-SisterWorks business purposes. 
              • Ignore any inappropriate usage of email, internet or computers at SisterWorks you have witnessed or been made aware of – always report it to a SisterWorks team member. 

              Social Media

              Everyone at SisterWorks, including Staff, Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers and Interns are personally responsible for the content we publish in any form of social media. In the best interest of SisterWorks, you should never speak on behalf of the Group, or imply you represent SisterWorks’s views, unless you are authorised to do so. Whether you are at work or not, your use of social media needs to comply with SisterWorks Social Media Policy, particularly with regard any comments about SisterWorks, its management, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers, Interns, Suppliers or any other stakeholders. Any breach of SisterWorks’s Social Media Policy may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal. We act ethically, lawfully, with integrity and maintain the highest professional standards when participating in social media at SisterWorks.


              • Follow the guidelines set by SisterWorks for acceptable use of social media while you are on the job or in a SisterWorks workplace.

              • Use your best judgment when considering commenting on any issue or representing your views via social media.

              • Ensure any information you post about SisterWorks, its employees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, customers, suppliers and/or business partners on social media is:
                • polite and respectful
                • accurate and informed
                • not confidential information, only comment on publicly available information
                • Compliant with all SisterWorks policies and codes
                • not obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, sexually explicit, bullying, racist, sexist or is otherwise unlawful
                • value-adding, for example, improves knowledge, skills, networks and a sense of the SisterWorks community.


              • Misuse social media whether at work or outside of work, or allow it to interfere with your SisterWorks work requirements and responsibilities. 
              • Speak on behalf of, or imply you represent the views of SisterWorks, in any form of social media. 
              • Ignore an inappropriate post about SisterWorks; report it to a SisterWorks team member straight away. 
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