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Dry August Man: Sobering up with purpose

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Indulging in a glass or two of wine after work was routine for Jamie, a freelance professional who works in Melbourne CBD, but when he heard of “dry July“, he loved the idea of ditching alcohol for one month to support a charitable activity.

To make things more interesting, Jamie now has his very own tradition of going sober for the whole month of August every year, and donating the money saved to a different charity of his choice.

“I like my wine”, he said, while recollecting the reasons he decided to take on the challenge, but he also likes giving something back to the community and helping others.

“It is a good challenge,” he said, “especially when the guys at work tease me to get a beer.” 

Having a prefixed goal, however, helps him to stay focused. 

“It’s occasionally hard, but my dedication drives me to keep going,” Jamie said.


DryAugustMan Jamie chose to donate to SisterWorks.

This year Jamie’s online research resulted in a collaboration with SisterWorks, as he explained he wanted to redirect his efforts towards a local, Melbourne-based, social enterprise. 

“There is a cool idea behind it”, he said, “it’s more personal and I can see the results myself, while meeting people from everywhere.”

 The most important thing for Jamie is making people feel like Australia is a welcoming place and “embracing the fact that we are an amazing country that helps people out,” he said.

His efforts are part of a bigger drive to keep the money flowing into good causes, supporting the people who are invested in helping those who are most in need.

“If I look at how much money I spent on a night out,” Jamie laughed, “all I think of is that I could have spent that on someone who has nothing.”

Since everyone around Jamie now knows about his initiative, it has become easier and easier for him to raise more funds. 

“I want people to know that if I can do this, then everybody can”, said Jamie, who defines himself as a wine connoisseur. 


SisterWorks products at one of their pop shops.

Apart from the donation, he was also involved in other initiatives organised by the social enterprise, like SisterWork’s pop-up markets. 

“I loved their products”, he said, and added that his goal for this year is to reach a $1000 milestone.

Donate to Jamie’s (and SisterWorks) cause at https://bit.ly/2BKq3aF

Like Jamie, you too can start your own dry month and help SisterWorks support migrant, refugee and asylum-seeker women out there.


*Daria Impiombato is a freelance journalist in Melbourne, Australia. She is now interning at SisterWorks and contributing to the blog’s content.

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