Evelyne, Burundi


Evelyne makes baskets

My name is Evelyne, I come from Burundi. I have 5 children, including a baby. When I stay home I make beautiful baskets. My mother taught me how to make them.

In my country, we take these baskets when we visit others, or go to weddings. People put gifts and things in them.

In Burundi, I made these baskets out of grass; in Australia, I make them out of plastic. They come in many different colours. Sometimes people give me $20 or $30, and that makes me happy because I have a problem. Before, I had a job, but then I fell and hurt my knee. Now I do not have a job and must go to a physiotherapist every week, and the Centrelink money is not enough for me. So when I have $20, it is better for me.

I like SisterWorks because, whenever I have a question or need help, I ask somebody at SisterWorks and somebody can help. I met Luz through Catherine at the Springvale Community Centre. She told me about Luz, and Luz has really helped me.

I want SisterWorks to help me find shops where I can take my baskets, because then somebody will find a little money to buy them, and that helps me. That is OK.

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