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Fatuma, Congo


Fatuma sews and participates in the Cooking Lab

I grew up in the Congo, but I am half Congolese on my Mother’s side, and half Arabic on my Father’s side. He was from Oman. Growing up I moved around from the Congo to Goma, where I met my first husband.

My husband was a businessman, so we later moved to Bunya for his work. In Bunya I also ran a business, I had a shop where I sold food and traditional African Clothing. I had five children with my first husband. We moved to Sudan, where he was originally from, but unfortunately he passed away when we were there.

I met my second husband in Sudan. I also have two children with my second husband. My family and I went to Egypt to get passage to Australia, where we arrived in July 2004.

I have been in Australia for 12 years now, and I like it very much. Previously I worked for 6 years in a day care centre, until 2009.

I enjoyed it very much but I have taken a break for the last few years. I find I am able to travel around using public transport easily, which is best for me.

I heard about SisterWorks from a friend, and I was interested to come in and see the shop, and see what it was about.

I am so happy to come here and to learn different things, to meet other people from different countries, to try something new. So I really like it.

Although I have not been coming for long, I have been able to help others with their projects by sewing products such as pillows and children’s bed sheets.

What I really hope to do is start up an African restaurant.

I have recently started cooking sessions with other women at SisterWorks and other Australian women. I have been making Congolese finger food, snacks, soups and more. I want to make my own business, and am looking for opportunities to start my restaurant.

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