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Frances Donnellan, Philippines

Frances Donnellan
Frances Donnellan, Philippines

SisterWorks Café Supervisor 

Before leaving the Philippines, I was halfway through my degree in tourism management and then moved to Melbourne and found myself working in the Hospitality industry from back to front-of-house. I did my diploma and an advanced diploma in public relations and decided on International Studies for my bachelor’s degree. 

I did my placement at SisterWorks in 2020 for my degree and only had to do it for 3-4 months. I ended up staying as a volunteer and found my passion in helping women and migrant people. I reflected a lot on my journey as a migrant. Even being part Australian, it has been tough and I want to be that person to make it a little less hard for our Sisters.

I have been shaped by my 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry and working closely with our entrepreneurial Sisters to be confident in my current position. Being involved with SisterWorks for over two years now, I have discovered my passion for social entrepreneurship.

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