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Funda, Turkey



“SisterWorks is my conversation class. I’m not talking too much, but I am listening always.”

Hello my name is Funda, and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. In the middle of 2016 my husband, daughter and I came to Australia. We came here for my husband to do his PhD in Economics and for my daughter. She is seven years old and it is better for her here. She is happy here, she has some friends, she is learning English very fast. She has opportunity.

In Istanbul I worked in historical restoration for 15 years. In Australia there isn’t a similar job because the country is young. Maybe later I can do an architecture course, maybe I’ll work in conservation. I will see.

My friend Soofia from conversation class showed me SisterWorks. I am new here, so to start I help sew dolls with the other sisters. Later I want to make my own things of course. I know how to knit, so I am going to knit dolls. I can try.

Now I only need to go to conversation classes at the church one day a week because I come here now. SisterWorks is my conversation class. I like being here. I’m not talking too much, but I am listening always.

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