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Ginny Tan, Malaysia

Ginny Tan, Malaysia

Reginal Growth Manager

Ginny is a passionate advocate for migrant women, social justice and the environment. She migrated to Australia as a young student and graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Economics majoring in accounting and is a qualified CPA.

She has broad experience working in organisations ranging from small businesses to large organisations like General Motors, and in diverse industries ranging from property and investment companies, finance companies, retail, software and legal companies to working in the University sector. Her skills included building up small businesses, mentoring and teaching skills, having taught at Monash University.

Ginny is self motivated, focused, flexible, a clear thinker, systematic, has good problem solving and interpersonal skills as well as skilled in financial and system management. She was also a major shareholder of an educational software company which she co started with her husband.

She is a proud mum of two teenage daughters, enjoys being creative and works hard at living in a sustainable manner on a rural property, and currently loving her job in SisterWorks which she is passionate about, and gratefully living a lifestyle that she loves.

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