Graciella, Uruguay


Graciela makes art

My name is Graciela , and I am from Uruguay. In Uruguay, I obtained a Bachelor of Legal studies and became a Public Notary. I immigrated to Australia with my family in 2009.

Upon arriving in Australia, I couldn’t speak any English, and life was quite difficult. However, I put all my efforts into learning English and eventually received a Certificate III in Spoken and Written English. After gaining some confidence in the language, I put in an application to study law here, and was given a scholarship. I was also passionate about holistic healing, so I studied Diplomas in the many disciplines of the holistic field. I later was recognised by an international organisation for my achievements, and they awarded me a certificate to become a professional member alumni that allowed me to teach and practice Holistic therapy in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and England.

Later, I obtained a Diploma of Conveyancing, an Agent Representative certificate, to work in the Real Estate field, and I was successful in a lot of subjects in the Advance Diploma of Legal Practice.

Despite my achievements reached in Australia and my strong efforts, I couldn’t find a professional position.

I became depressed and frustrated because of my situation, and I felt alone. I lost all of my hope, and I didn’t know how to find my place in Australia.

During this sad period of time, I discovered that i naturally had some artistic skills that I didn’t know I had. I started studying art at home, and all the different techniques and artistic styles. I then decided to create my own artistic business with my own holistic profile, but I had no idea how to begin.

Along the way, I discovered a wonderful organisation called SistersWorks, who helped me to develop my natural skills and teach me business tools. I have met many beautiful people through Sisterworks, who have offered me their encouragement, support and the most important thing, their friendship.

With SistersWorks I recovered my hope and I am turning myself into an artistic entrepreneur.

I want to say thanks to SistersWorks, and especially to my mentor Clarissa who gave me her generous time and knowledge, and also big thanks to the rest of the sisters.

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