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Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

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Happy International Women’s Day 2019! Today, as we move towards #BalanceforBetter, it’s the perfect time to celebrate working women world over. Women’s rights have come a long way in the last decade – even in the last year – but gender equality is not a goal that can be ticked off and filed away. It is an undertaking that, like balance, requires constant energy and perpetual fine-tuning. Whether they are working to support themselves, working to support a family, or working to support the advancement of women’s rights, women in the workforce are doing their bit every day to build a more equal world.

As well as contributing to a more equal gender balance, employment is also an instrument for personal empowerment and liberty. Putting employment, independence, and empowerment at the forefront of their agenda, SisterWorks seeks to tip the scales in favour of migrant, asylum seeker, and refugee women in Australia. These women are amongst the most vulnerable demographic in the Australian workforce. Despite arriving in Australia with qualifications and experience, many of them face immense challenges when it comes to finding work in a new country. SisterWorks fosters partnerships with migrant, asylum seeker, and refugee women, and helps them develop the skills they need for independence and entrepreneurship in a new country.

With access to community and space, women can reach their full potential as Sisters and as Entrepreneurs.

Just entering its fifth year, SisterWorks has achieved a massive amount in a short time. From humble beginnings to the recognised vehicle for social change that it is today, the last five years have seen the SisterWorks community grow and develop. The SisterWorks model is built upon a foundation of entrepreneurship and sisterhood. By placing emphasis on empowerment rather than charity, and by encouraging independence rather than co-dependence, SisterWorks reaches out to a growing demographic in our country.

Their new campaign, #workempowerswomen, raises money to help Sisters and Entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. As well as doing amazing work to empower their Entrepreneur partners, SisterWorks is also a caring social network. With women from over 55 countries participating in business workshops, speaking engagements, and product sales, SisterWorks provides space and resources for vulnerable migrant, asylum seeker, and refugee women to get on their feet in a new country.

Donations of over two dollars are tax deductible, and the money from this campaign will directly contribute to the empowerment of a strong and independent network of new Australians. If you are interested in the SisterWorks initiative, donate today or visit us at our Richmond and South Yarra stores.


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