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About the project

It is very important for SisterWorks to maintain a main hub in inner Melbourne. However, it has become clear to us that there are women who will simply not travel to us. Or, they may need to gain the confidence to do so, with our support. There are many obstacles:

  • Being unsure about how to navigate Melbourne – sometimes due to problems with literacy and ability/confidence to speak or understand English.
  • The financial stress of paying for public transport.
  • Lack of trust or confidence in travelling to a different suburb.
  • The reliance on their immediate community – they would only consider travelling within a group.
  • Not knowing anyone at SisterWorks.

We have developed Hello Sister to take the SisterWorks model to other communities in different locations. Hello Sister will deliver our services to community centres in the outer suburbs of Greater Melbourne – where we can directly, and indirectly improve women’s lives in their local communities. 

We will work in partnership with local community organisations to set-up regular mobile Design Labs, which provide training for women who are participating in our programs. Our mentors will provide isolated and long term-unemployed women with the initial support they need to develop products that can generate a quick income through our sales channels and business opportunities. 

The Hello Sister concept is more than a van filled with tools and materials; it has ideas, opportunities and industry experts, ready to become social, design and business mentors of unemployed migrant women. We will fit-out a van, filled with craft, cooking tools and materials, and employ a Design Lab Coordinator to supervise engagement with the women who are supported by these local community organisations. 

Please help us to make a difference, by donating to our Hello Sister project:

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