HerStory - Why we exist

At the age of 45, as a medical doctor and a communication expert, Luz Restrepo arrived in Australia in 2010 seeking political asylum. Her life was in tatters and spoke no English. She felt like a nobody: frightened, isolated and disempowered. Luz soon discovered that she was not alone. In 2011, along with a group of 25 women experiencing similar challenges, we began to make and sell crafts around Melbourne. We understood that to support each other is also to strengthen each other. SisterWorks Inc. was born in May 2013 when a committee of volunteers joined us with legal, fund-raising, marketing, and administrative skills to give support and structure to the project.

Work Empower Women - Our Model  

Together, women learn by doing. We bring women together in a safe space to learn, share, support and grow. Our unique model: Work Empowers Women, has four pillars – Design, Cooking, Work and Business Labs – strongly supported by social, design and business mentors.

Together we are strong - Present and Future Plans

Through work and entrepreneurship, we support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants to improve their confidence, mental wellbeing and sense of belonging. To date, we have supported more than 492 women from 56 different countries. To increase the number of migrant and refugee women empowered to access opportunities in the workforce, SisterWorks is starting to share its Model into other Victorian regions. New partners and Sisters are joining our SisterWorks Family in Dandenong, Bendigo and Carringbush.

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