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Joy Villalino, USA

Joy Villalino, USA

Head of Marketing and Communications

Joy is the Head of Marketing and Communications for SisterWorks. Throughout her career, she has worked with people with disabilities and championed women in the workforce.  She is an award-winning, recognised leader and senior engagement and impact administrator who brings a unique, cross-sector global perspective and gender lens with her experience in community engagement, built environment/architecture and design education, and sport.
Her current focus is to create lasting, societal change for vulnerable women particularly from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and help them achieve gainful, safe and inclusive employment, and affordable housing and education.
At SisterWorks, she is responsible for all marketing and communications to foster creative action and a community-first perspective to highlight and strategically advocate for the organisation’s good work to economically empower migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women 

Joy is a first generation Filipina-American, and a global citizen who has worked with multinational, non-government organisations and corporations in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney. She has a dual BA in East Asian History and Public Relations Journalism, an MA in Design and Curatorial Studies, and various educational certifications which run the gamut from Field Paleontology, Tourism and Travel, to Tertiary Education Management.

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