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Juliana Mutum, India

Juliana Mutum

Head of Grants and Employment Support

Juliana was born in India and grew up in different cultural contexts, having lived in the UK and Malaysia before migrating to Australia.

She graduated with a Masters in International Business from Monash University and a Masters in Accounting from Central Queensland University. She holds a PhD from Deakin University focused on the career experiences of migrant women in Australia. Her lived experience as a migrant woman underpins her role at SisterWorks.

She has worked as a financial executive in various sectors in Victoria, from small manufacturing companies, to corporates, Government and non-for-profits. She has also led and contributed to research projects on migrant experiences in Australia with Deakin, Edith Cowen, and La Trobe Universities.

Juliana taught Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Theory at Deakin University, and enjoyed learning, sharing and imparting knowledge to future decision makers. She has mentored women with the Professional Migrant Women Group and the Global Women’s Peace Network.

A passionate advocate of diversity, inclusion and representation of women from migrant, refugee, and asylum-seeker backgrounds, she regularly contributes to articles and conferences to highlight their experiences and showcase career pathways.

In her free time, Juliana enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, cooking, dining out, being active and continuously learning.

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