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Local businesses supporting each other: Two Tractors

Published by Nikita Wadia on

Local businesses supporting each other: Two Tractors

SisterWorks is grateful to Two Tractors for their probono services to create an insightful video on mask production.

Despite the doom and gloom of a pandemic, we have all witnessed an outpouring of kindness and generosity within the community and SisterWorks was fortunate and grateful to be on the receiving end of such a gesture by Two Tractors, a local business specialising in creating exciting and engaging video content.

Two Tractors provided us with an outstanding probono opportunity by filming this detailed and superbly produced behind the scenes video of mask production at our Richmond Hub. This video allowed us to open the door to our community for an inside look into what goes into creating face masks on a large scale, and how the experience has created more economically empowered migrant women. 

It is wonderful to witness the strong community spirit in this country and there never seems to be a shortage of uplifting stories. It is particularly lovely to see local businesses supporting each other, which is vital to ensure that no one gets left behind as we come out of this experience.

We extend a HUGE thank you to the Two Tractors team for their friendly, thoughtful and efficient service, and for supporting a fellow local business.

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