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Mary, Sri Lanka


Mary sews accessories and greeting cards

“I come here, I have a happy feeling.”

Hi my name is Mary and I am from Jaffna, Northern Sri Lanka. I came to Australia 4 years ago with my husband. In my country there was a very big problem with the majority and minority people. It was very dangerous, a lot of people changed, we were very upset. My three children stayed with my husband’s mother in Sri Lanka. They could not come with us. We talk everyday on Skype or Viber when they wake up.

I came to SisterWorks two years ago. My psychologist showed me this place because I like to sew. Here I sew dolls with other Sisters. We work together. Milia teaches us and designs the patterns. At home I make dolls, and baby toys like dolphins, dinosaurs, and killer whales. I also sew baby quilts, clothes, bibs, and purses for older people. They always sell out. At the start SisterWorks helped me choose what material to buy because in Sri Lanka I used different patterns. But now I know. When I am not here I study sewing at RMIT and go to English language classes.

Anytime I have time I come here because it makes me very happy. Australian people speak very fast but if they speak slowly, slowly, I understand. My English is much better now because I stay at SisterWorks to learn and speak with other people.

In the future, I am very interested in still only making baby products. I always send my children photos of the things I sew. Being here helps me when I can’t be with my children. I come here and I have a happy feeling.

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