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Meet Phoebe out Social English Teacher Abbotsford

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Meet Phoebe out English Teacher - Abbotsford
We are so pleased to introduce our Conversation English Teacher Phoebe, who teaches our Sisters in Abbotsford. As a teacher, she is committed to empowering people and helping SisterWorks and the women we support. If you are a woman that has migrated to Australia and would like to take part in our Social English Classes, you can register here.

Name: Phoebe

What is your role at SisterWorks?

My role at SisterWorks is as a Social English Teacher, leading conversational English classes on topics such as family, community and job applications. Last year, I taught the Level One or “social” English classes, which had flexible topics decided in collaboration with the Sisters each week. We had a Level Two class which would focus more specifically on grammar and English-speaking structure, in order to accommodate for the variation of goals and English-speaking experience amongst the Sisters.

How did you connect with Sisterworks?

I discovered SisterWorks in 2021, through searching online for a role that would best suit my skill set as a Bachelor of Arts student with a passion for communication through language. In helping women of refugee and migrant background expand their opportunities and build new communities, SisterWorks stood out to me as the perfect organisation for doing two of the things I care about most: education and increasing opportunities for women – particularly the education of women who otherwise would not have access to these opportunities. 

How did you become an English Teacher?

English has always been a favourite subject of mine, both at school and in my tertiary education, where I majored in Philosophy and Creative Writing. I first volunteered as a tutor for children of refugee and migrant background in 2014 through Friday Night School at St Ignatius Church in Richmond. After graduating Year 12, I became a VCE tutor for English, Literature and Philosophy.  

What do you enjoy about being an English Teacher?

I really value being able to meet with women from all around the world, who impart their stories and wisdom in the classes. I also love seeing the inclusivity and encouragement of the Sisters toward one another in class. Despite the differences in histories, cultures and languages, their common desire to learn and support each other has been a real highlight of my teaching experience so far.

What do you hope for the women that you teach English to?

As well as the fundamental purpose of the English classes, which is to improve English speaking ability, I hope the Sisters are able to find a sense of support, warmth and community in these classes. I believe that learning a language is far more achievable when new words and ideas are contextualised by their environment. The goal of my teaching methods is to provide an immersive 1-hour session of English, in which the Sisters practice new vocabulary in teams and then present to the class, getting to know one another as they build upon their English skills.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I am very grateful to be a part of the SisterWorks community, surrounded by a commitment to community, opportunity and empowerment.

Sign up today

Our Conversational English Classes based in Abbotsford are currently being held 1-2pm on Fridays, during term time. They are being delivered through a mix of online and in person sessions.

We also have an English Class at our Abbotsford Hub on 1-2.30pm on Mondays.

If you are a woman that has migrated to Australia and would like to take part, register here. If you have any questions you can email us at registration@sisterworks.org.au.

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