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Milia, Brazil

Milia Simielli

Entrepreneur & Volunteer

“SisterWorks for me was like sunlight on a shadow day; I was feeling depressed and lonely at home, they gave me opportunities and help me to believe even more in myself and the possibility of really establishing a small business here in Australia was a game-changer”.

Milia is from Brazil where she used to work as a Family and Community Nurse, when she moved to Australia with her husband she could dedicate her time to work as a Doula, supporting families during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

She started searching for tools to work with children to teach them about childbirth, but she couldn’t find what she wanted, so she decided to use her doula/nursing knowledge and her sewing skills to create a doll that has the characteristics of a pregnant woman, could be pregnant, give birth and breastfeed, now she also makes Birth models to be used by birth professionals during childbirth education.

Another thing that she learned in her journey in Australia is to be more eco-conscious, and she created a sustainable range of products with reusable sanitary pads, face wipes, breast-pads and waterproof bags.

Everything made by  Milia Simielli is full of love and attention to detail. If you would like to purchase her products, please come to our shops in Richmond and South Yarra, or visit her website, Instagram or Facebook pages.

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