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New Staff Training

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New Staff Training

SisterWorks is growing in size and stature during our 10th anniversary.  As our team becomes more specialised and larger, SisterWorks has updated its staff training in response to our team’s needs and request, but also to remain an employer of choice in providing care, consideration and resources for our staff.  

SisterWorks is committed to providing access to training which meets individual staff needs and professional development and helps our team members fulfil their roles at SisterWorks and has partnered with Allegra Consulting to embed its online programs into our training matrix. 

Our Board Chair Caroline Mills is also the CEO of the Melbourne-based Allegra Consulting, our long-standing HR, training and commercial product development partner. Caro not only ran a training session with the SisterWorks team on ‘Communicating with Impact’, this year we officially embedded Allegra Consulting’s webinar sessions in our annual training program.

Caro said “SisterWorks is such an incredible organisation doing amazing things for the women they support, it was such a privilege to be with the team for a day building both their self-awareness and their ability to work together better. The Allegra team is passionate about supporting SisterWorks and look forward to working with them further this year.” 

From their initial work with us during International Women’s Day in 2017, to Caroline joining the SisterWorks board in 2019, Allegra Consulting continues to be a strong and committed partner to SisterWorks and the women we support.

Caro working with the SisterWorks team on ‘Communicating with Impact’.

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