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New sustainable packaging products 

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July is bringing the launch of three brand new sustainable food packaging products 

*By Maria Chindris and Sarah Herbert

Bread Bag

Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread in the morning… taking a nice stroll to the local bakery to get some loaves for the day or week. You know that those bakers wake so very early in the morning, kneading away at those soft and fluffy loaves you indulge in. After all this work you simply place them in a boring, wrinkly, paper bag? They’re only used once before being thrown into a suffocating landfill which lacks light, air, and oxygen thus lengthening the decomposition process to that of plastic (Reusethisbag.com, 2018). Show your bread and its baker a little respect and get into Sister Works to buy one of our hip, cotton bread bags. Our unique design allows for the perfect balance of air movement to preserve that rustic, toasty, goodness. Are you craving fresh bread yet? Get into Sister Works and satisfy those cravings today. Shop online.

Foldable Lunch Bag

The afternoon hits and its lunchtime. Your stomach has been growling for those delicious left-overs from the night before or the mouth-watering goodies you purchase to treat yourself. Not only will your colleagues be jealous of your lunch but their eyes will goggle with jealousy and awe when you pull out your Sister Work’s foldable, lunch bag. These beauties are made with gorgeous, donated, cotton fabrics. You can whip out this bad time and time again for every single packed lunch you’ll have in your life! Forget about having to waste bin space at work with you single-use plastics. Simply fold your lunch bag away into your bag after use. Come down to Sister Works and turn some heads with the spunky design you pick out. Shop online.

Sandwich Wrap

If you’ve jumped on the coffee Keep Cup bandwagon (if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for!?), you will love our reusable sandwich/snack wraps. They are crafted impeccably with a unique fold-over design to keep your food hugged and snug until it’s time to eat. Introduce your Keep Cup to their new best friend as you select one of our Sandwich Wrap designs to coordinate a matchy look between the pair. Simply place your sandwich/snacks into our wrap at home or ask the kind sales assistant from where you are buying your food from to place your purchased treats in there for you. You might wind up with a new best friend too in the kind sales assistant as they admire your groovy designed Sandwich Wrap. Although you aren’t eating those plastic, ziplock bags you throw away, your fellow marine animals are as they more often than not mistake these bags for food, filling their stomachs with toxic material (Centre for biological diversity, 2019). So be a good friend to your Keep Cup, your food sales assistant and our marine life and drop by Sister Works today.

* Maria Chindris and Sarah Herbert are students at RMIT University studying International Studies. They are undertaking their internship at SisterWorks.

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