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Nhi Tran, France

Nhi Tran, France

Social Enterprise Business Manager

As a French-Vietnamese, Nhi grew up in a diverse cultural environment in Southern France. For her studies, she pursued a training program in Negotiations & Client Relations. Her professional journey began in the cinema industry at the age of 20. As an Operations Manager, she was handed important responsibilities from the get go and learned how to work under pressure while managing a team of 12 people. She then worked in Vietnam as a Sales Consultant for a travel agency — a journey that brought her closer to her family’s cultural roots — before moving to Australia in October 2017.

Nhi joined SisterWorks as a volunteer in January 2019, while barely speaking English. She felt an instant connection with the vision and the mission of SisterWorks. She had finally found a place where she belonged and a sense of purpose, as a voice for gender equality and migrant communities. Today, she is SisterWorks’ Social Enterprise Business Manager, responsible for driving the growth & success of all SisterWorks’ sales channels and directing all logistics operations. This amazing journey is proof that regardless of age and circumstance, anyone can succeed. 

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