Milia Simielli, Brazil

Design Lab Coordinator

Milia is from Brazil, she used to work as a family nurse in her country and came to Australia with her husband in 2015. 

When she first arrived in Melbourne she embraced different occupations: She started to make handcrafts, gave sewing classes and worked as a Doula. But it was her love for the miracle of life, pregnancies and babies, plus her talent with the sewing machine, what helped her to develop the Birthing Dolls (see her store here).  

She became an entrepreneur selling her Birthing Dolls aiming to support expectant families with the education of their kids on the arrival of the new babies. Her business has extended within the same line and now she also makes reusable sanitary pads and reusable nursing pads. 

She was the master mind behind the design of the Little Sisters Dolls for the latest SisterWorks crowdfunding campaign and she taught the other entrepreneurs how to make them. 

Now Milia is adding a new adventure to her list of occupations by becoming one of the new Design Lab Coordinators in SisterWorks Richmond.

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