Pamela, Chile

Pamela makes jewellery

Pamela Mujica is from Chile and she runs a successful wire jewellery business. For Pamela, SisterWorks has been an important source of business mentorship. With her ideas, talent, and tenacity, the only thing she needed was a Sister to help market and sell her products. 

SisterWorks has been with Pamela throughout her entrepreneurial journey, and we are incredibly impressed by everything she has achieved. She first stepped into the SisterWorks family in late 2014 – a stay at home mother seeking community and support. Now, she is a pillar of the SisterWorks family, and she shares her expertise and strength with new Entrepreneurs. 

Through SisterWorks, Pamela connected with a business mentor, Cristina Re. Cristina has helped Pamela refine her product and build an individual business presence. Now Pamela has her own brand, social media presence, and is pursuing her own wholesale opportunities. She is currently working with her mentor to build a website. 

Pamela has been incredibly successful – she has a naturally creative mind that is constantly imagining new designs. She says that design and production have never been an issue, and she has always worked quite independently on creative projects. 

Four years ago, Pamela learned wire stitching from a Peruvian artist, and now she is the only person in Australia to work with the Peruvian stitch technique. As well as being a beautiful and versatile wire technique, the Peruvian stitch has created an international community of female artists. Pamela is in close contact with a network of women all across the world who make and sell Peruvian stitch products. 

Two years ago, Pamela went to Indonesia to expand her skill set and learn the Indonesian style of wire stitching. A few months ago, at the end of 2018, she decided to get in touch with some of the designers and artisans she met in Indonesia, and now they make her designs using Indonesian wire stitching techniques. Pamela focuses her own energy on creating Peruvian stitch pieces, which are more time consuming and require specific knowledge of the technique. 

Her work has featured on the runway in Melbourne Fashion Week, and won the 2017 best jewellery award at the Derinya Art and Craft Exhibition. She works mainly with wire stitching techniques, which she first learned on a trip to Peru. Her pieces are exclusively sold in exhibitions, galleries, and SisterWorks stores. To buy her products, visit our stores today! 

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