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Plastic Free in July

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Celebrate ‘Plastic Free July’ with SisterWorks. You will save your time, money and the planet! 

*By Maria Chindris and Sarah Herbert

So what is Plastic Free July? In 2011 the Plastic Free Foundation initiated its Plastic Free July initiative. It has since expanded as a global, annual mission with the aim of eradicating single-use plastic to see a world without plastic waste. Its impact is astounding as in July 2018 alone, 120 million people across the globe took part in the challenge across 177 countries (Plastic Free July 2017). SisterWorks is a proud supporter of Plastic Free July. As a social enterprise, we sustain a business that works to ensure that our profit is used for the greater social good for our Melbourne society. One of the facilitators in this goal is our creation of ethical and environmentally friendly products.

Do we care enough that our actions as users of plastic products are harming our planet, our ecosystems, our animals? Globally enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times (National Geographic Magazine, June 2018). We can find ourselves at times feeling very overwhelmed at the rapid rate our environment is degrading, feeling as though our actions aren’t enough to make a difference. Here at SisterWorks, we alleviate this struggle with an array of hand-made, plastic-free products available to you at the end of your fingertips. The only decision you have to make is which of our beautiful designs to choose from. Our range is constantly getting updated to keep up with society’s sustainable desires. Keep on reading to find out more about the products we’re selling at the moment.

Beeswax Wraps

If you’re anything like us and love food then we can guarantee that our beeswax wraps are the best things to use to enjoy your treats on the go in replacement of cling wrap. Cling wrap is difficult to recycle so usually ends up in a landfill taking hundreds of years to degrade (Bee Bee wraps, 2019). So if you pack food from home then you need our beeswax wrap! Why you may ask? It is the easiest most sustainable way to pack your food! It’s only natural to want to treat anything you love with the adoration and respect that it deserves, this also applies to food. So what can our beeswax wraps do about this? They are fashionable, fun and fabulous! Add some extra excitement to your mornings in matching your outfit with your food by choosing from our wide selection of drop-dead gorgeous fabrics that we use to make our beeswax wraps. Buy one today! Shop online.

Tote Bags

Don’t you love the feeling of a fresh, fairtrade, cotton tote bag! If you have never had the privilege of holding one in your hands, then come down to Sisterworks (Richmond and South Yarra stores) and experience something new! They’re big enough for groceries, lunch boxes, drink bottles, books, small dogs… pretty much everything you can put in a bag. There are two sides to the bag and depending on your mood can you can spice it up, one side capturing female empowerment with our SisterWorks motto; ‘Work Empowers Women’, while the other side has a unique, geometric, patterned design that will match any look. You can shop here for one. Shop online.

Produce Bags

In the mood to pick up some fresh produce at the supermarket and take them home for a romantic dinner? Do it in style with our chic produce bags that will make all the other products in the store rot with envy. Ditch those small plastic bags that stretch and break under pressure. You don’t want to ruin a romantic night with a potato going missing on the way home. What’s even worse about plastic bags is that they only get used for an average of 12 minutes before being thrown away (1 million women, 2016). So get planning your dream dinner. The first step is dropping by SisterWorks to grab one of our produce bags. Shop online.

Tea Towels

Oh no!! A spill! This is nothing to worry about if you have our handy flat weave cotton tea towel. Hate the feeling of your spillage leaking through the paper towel onto your skin? Not only is this irritating for your skin but for nature too as multiple trees are being cut down for your single-use paper towels (Eco Family Life, 2018) Use our ultra-absorbent tea towel over and over again, simply wash and air dry and wow! You have a brand new, dry, tea towel with every use. Head over to our shop to buy, shop the towels online: red, black, blue, and green.


* Maria Chindris and Sarah Herbert are students at RMIT University studying International Studies. They are undertaking their internship at SisterWorks.

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