Pop-up shops

Unique, ethical and sustainable products

You can support women of refugee, asylum seeker, and migrant backgrounds by hosting your pop-up shop.We firmly believe that “Work Empowers Women.” Therefore, rather than becoming beneficiaries, the women become our business partners. We together develop and sell marketable products with 50 to 75 percent of the profits going to our entrepreneurs and the remainder going back into the organisation for reinvestment. Through this approach, we work together to create a better future for our Australian society.

We provide:
– 1 volunteer
– 2 Entrepreneurs
– Products Handmade will love in Melbourne. Homewares, kitchenwares, preserves, body products, toys, accessories and jewelry

We require:
– Trestle table- Chairs
– Send information about the event to the employees

To book your pop-up shop please contact us: markets@sisterworks.org.au.

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