Ada-Japanese Knot Bag


This handmade Japanese Knot Bag is ideal for days out, keeping your small  craft projects or going out with friends.


Ada lo of Ga Yae Designs.

Ada is a talented seamstress, with experience of running a sewing business in Hong Kong. She has also worked with ballroom dancers in national level competitions, being a national ballroom dancer herself in her younger days.

When Ada moved to Australia in 2014 to be with her daughter, she could not speak English and did not have a job or driver’s licence. It was very hard for Ada to start over, but finding a job in Dandenong as a clothes seamstress helped her find friends and learn basic English.

SisterWorks has helped Ada in many ways, including to find new workmates and friends, as well as assisting with English classes. Ada creates a range of unique and colourful bags for her project Ga Yae Designs, making shoulder bags, make-up bags, patchwork bags, and Japanese knot bags. They are all handcrafted with beautiful fabrics and of different sizes which are perfect for every occasion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult for many small businesses in Melbourne, including Ada’s home sewing business, but SisterWorks has found work for Ada making face masks.

These bags:

Length: 36 cm

Height: 22cm

Width: 25 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25 × 22 cm

Floral, Pink Blossom, Umbrellas


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