Ada – Shoulder Bag


Shopping bag or Beach bag including a mask of the same fabric. Great idea!!



Ada lo of Ga Yae Designs .

From her experience of running a sewing business in Hong Kong to working with ballroom dancers in national competitions.  While being a ballroom dancer herself at a national level in her younger days , she moved to Melbourne, Australia to be with her daughter.
Coming to Melbourne in 2014 with no English language,  driving licence or job was very hard to start all over, but finding a job in Dandenong as a clothes seamstress helped her find friends and learn basic English.
Covid put a to lots of work for many businesses in Melbourne including Ada‘s  home sewing business until SisterWorks found her work making masks for the pandemic.
SisterWorks has assisted her further with continuous work, from finding New workmates and friends to assisting with English classes.
A reusable shopping bags or beach bags plus a facemark.
What is the meaning of shopping bag?
A shopping bag is a bag you use to carry away your purchases. Reusable shopping bags are more eco-friendly than plastic.
Shopping bags

Shopping bags

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Pink, Rainbow, Animals


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