Ana Maria – Woollen Beanies Pom poms




Luz saw it and said, “Oh, I’ll take you to a market, and you can sell your bracelets there.” I made $1.00—just one dollar! But I was so happy because I had money in my pocket.

Luz told me I should try and make something else. Andrea, a SisterWorks volunteer, taught me to knit. She gave me ideas, told me about colour, about wool. I also have a mentor through SisterWorks—Lynn, who has given me great ideas about what to sell.

Back in Chile, I sold vegetables to support my children, so I was an entrepreneur for many years. But selling in markets here was very hard for me because I didn’t speak English. I couldn’t communicate what I knew to my customers. Now, my English is better, I’m confident when people ask questions. My beanies are very popular!

My dream is for all my children to live with me in Australia. I have a good life here, but it is expensive to apply for my children’s visas, and to pay for their airfare.That’s a lot of beanies! So, to make more money, I want to import products from South America –I cannot knit forever!”


  • Made with Wool. 
  • Assorted colours, adult size
  • Different stitches in every one of the beanies

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Light Grey, Blue, White and Blue, Dark Grey, Green


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