Assorted Reusable Ipad Protector Office Pack


Consider this gift a perfect excuse to make your friends feel special and loved.

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Having trouble finding the perfect gift? 

This pack contains:

  • One assorted iPad case (11 in) is designed and crafted by our savvy Sister Entrepreneurs. The case is made from donated carpet offcuts. Reused, Recycled, Sustainable ( 32 cm x 20.5 cm) 
    • One  assorted Sisterworks notebook.You can use any of these blank assorted notebooks to bullet journal, track your habits, plan your life, scribble big ideas, little reminders and anything that inspires you throughout the day.
    • One assorted sandwich wrap. This Wrap will keep your sandwiches fresh and secure. Our handmade, water resistant sandwich wraps are a colourful and eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Dimensions:
    • Unwrapped 29 cm2
    • Wrapped 15 cm2
    • Assorted fabric colours

    50% of the profit from this product supports the refugee and migrant women who made it. 

      M A D E   W I T H   L O V E   L O C A L L Y   E T H I C A L L Y

      Through work and entrepreneurship, SisterWorks mission is to support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants so they can improve their confidence, mental wellbeing, sense of belonging and economic outlook.



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