Tsering- Bunnies Toys


This selection of handmade toys are made by Tsering


I am Tsering – I am originally from Tibet and arrived in Australia in September of 2011. Myself and my husband applied to come to Australia urgently under special refugee status, as my husband was very sick. Sadly, he passed on, two weeks after we arrived in Australia.

I knew I had to support myself and my four children, and so I began to sell things I could make: handmade bags and knitted beanies, jewellery, toys, scarves, and mats.

I manage to make my crafts in between cooking, cleaning, child care, and everything else I have to do. The New Hope Foundation taught me to use a sewing machine, and now I can make very complicated details on a machine, with precision and skill. Through the Tibetan community, I met Luz from SisterWorks, and since then I feel much happier. SisterWorks helps me to sell my crafts – I have also made new friends.

I used to make lots of crochet beanies and bags, but now I focus on making crochet toys for children, as well as key rings. The baby bunnies are a crowd favourite! I have even made colourful dream catchers with beads and feathers.

About these toys: These rabbits are beautiful handmade using cotton yarn, the toys’ eyes are embroidered, therefore, it is totally safe for babies. 

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tsering_toys/

Additional information

Weight 0.043 kg
Dimensions 24 cm
Bunny colours

Pink Flora, Sky Bunny, Grey Bunny, White


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