Dinithi- Assorted Leaves Earrings


Super colourful, super light earrings!

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Dinithi is one of our many talented entrepreneurs here at SisterWorks. Originally from Sri Lanka, Dinithi arrived in Australia in 2017. Soon afterwards, and following the birth of her first child, she found herself at home with extra time on her hands and so decided to take up a hobby. That’s when she learned the intricate art of paper quilling (weaving paper in such a way that it becomes tight and water resistant, whilst remaining light in weight).

In the years following she has developed and refined her skills, creating a beautiful range of cards and jewellery that are now being sold at our market stalls, stores, and online shop.

NOTE : assorted Light earrings
  • Handmade with rolled paper
  • Ethically produced

You can find more of her products here:


                                                                       Dinithi photos                                                                                                         
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