DIY Large Beeswax Kit


Enjoy and create your own beeswax wraps with this beeswax wrap kit. 

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Our new DIY Large Beeswax Wraps Kit comes with:

  • 1 Piece of Baking Paper
  • 1 Beeswax mix
  • 3 Pieces of Fabric (1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large)
  • 2 pieces of fabric Lasagna sheet size

You will need:

  • A steam iron
  • A piece of old thick fabric (1mt) 
  • Alcohol (for cleaning)
  • A piece of scrap fabric (for cleaning) 

Our Beeswax Food Wraps are Eco-Friendly & sustainable, reusable, hand – washable; sustainable. Beeswax Food Wraps are a great alternative to single use plastic and cling wrap. Use our Beeswax Food Wraps to wrap your sandwiches, fruit, vegetables,  cheese, snack or leftovers like lasagna. Use them at home or at work.

Each kit comes with full and easy instructions for you to follow.

Our Wraps comes with the cutest fabrics that will bring happiness into your kitchen. Once you finish place the wrap over the plate or container (use the warmth of your hands to bend the edge of the wrap around the container you want to protect). 

Note: gently wash in cold water, and no detergent required. The beeswax has a natural anti bacterial properties and your food will be fresh for longer. 


Beeswax Pack

Beeswax Pack

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