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Tim and Timmy are cuddly knitted toys. These knitting toys are a great friend for every kid.

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Elizabeth is from Odessa, Ukraine. Thirty years ago Elizabeth moved to Melbourne with her husband and her three children from what used to be the USSR. Her husband is Jewish and the Jewish Welfare Organisation helped them to move to Australia.

In Odessa, she was an Economist …”When I came here I started working at a sewing factory. Back then, the government paid the factory owner to teach us the skills we needed for work, so they put me behind a sewing machine, and that was it. I learnt how to sew and worked there until I went on the pension. I worked very hard, but I made a future for my children and grandchildren, but once they grew up, I had nothing to do. I could sew and that’s it. My neighbour, an Australian woman, also knew how to sew so we started sewing dolls together. We heard that there was a woman at the community services centre who was looking for other women who knew how to sew and that’s how I met Luz, from Sisterworks. We became friends and that’s how it all started”.

“At Sisterworks, Elizabeth makes dolls and toys; graduations bears; Humpty Dumpty; Scottish man; scarecrows. Elizabeth also helps women in the markets. She is great with customers and understands thier needs.

The money from these dolls have let her travel the world over and over again. Everywhere even twice to America. 

You ask me if I like it here (Australia): “Most Australians don’t understand how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful country. They just don’t understand”.


  • Knitted Kangaroo in wool
  • Donated wool (may vary in colour)
  • Length 46 cm
  • Width 23 cm
  • Weight 182 gr

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Weight 0.182 kg
Dimensions 46 × 23 cm


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