Elizabeth – Knitted Koala Toy


Lewis Koala is a cuddly knitted toy. This knitting toy is a great friend for every kid.

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Elizabeth is from Odessa, Ukraine. Thirty years ago, Elizabeth moved to Melbourne with her husband and her three children from what used to be the USSR. Her husband is Jewish and the Jewish Welfare Organisation helped them to move to Australia. 

“Most Australians don’t understand how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful country. They just don’t understand”.

Since her arrival, Elizabeth started sewing dolls with her Australian neighbour, and they became friends with Luz, who came to be the founder of SisterWorks. As a result of this friendship, the women found markets to sell their products at, which was a huge step for them. This was the early beginnings of SisterWorks today!

Elizabeth makes dolls and toys, including graduation bears and other soft characters like Humpty Dumpty, Scottish men and scarecrows. Elizabeth also helps other women in the markets – she is great with customers and understands their needs.

The dolls and toys are the perfect gift for children – they are just so cuddly!


  • Knitted Koala toy in wool
  • Length 28 cm
  • Width 21 cm
  • Weigth 172 gr

Elizabeth and Maseline

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Weight 0.172 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 cm


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