Fernanda- Wooden Robot Craft Kit


Each craft kit is made by hand which takes a lot of time and effort to ensure high quality in each wooden product.


Fernanda is passionate about creating and designing Wooden Robot Craft Kit toys and crafts, which is why she started Bot Workshop!

Fernanda is originally from Mexico, she came to Australia in 2018, having always been fond of crafts and DIY projects, the degree was an opportunity for Fernanda to take this passion to another level and broaden the range of what she could make. Knowing that she can make things by herself gives Fernanda a sense of independence and empowerment. She would like to share this by giving kids the chance to personalise their own companions through Bot Workshop.

Her first creation was a small robot that she thought would be a cute decoration – this developed into making gifts for family and friends and people loved them! She quickly realised there was potential to expand into a business opportunity, so Fernanda decided to follow a hunch and start her own small business, Bot Workshop. 

Made in Melbourne with sustainable materials, each wooden Robot Craft Kit is made by hand which takes a lot of time and effort to ensure high quality in each wooden product. With each box comes 3 paint pots in different colours, and a paintbrush so that you can paint and customise each piece. As a result, the robot becomes a unique and personalised toy for children to play with – it is endless hours of fun and imagination! Bot Workshop would love to encourage kids to be more creative and hands-on with their cute wooden companions and make them their own. They make the perfect gift or lockdown activity for children and adults alike – no skills required! 


->Suitable for anyone 5+ years old.
->Sustainably made in Australia
->Long-lasting material.
->Aids kids to develop creative and motor skills as well as self-expression.
->Can be painted or left naturally as a decor item.
->This bot is designed to sit on the edge of a desk, shelf, or any other flat surface.
->Does not contain plastic but contains metal pieces.
->Fully sanded to avoid sharp edges.
->Paint and wood finishing materials are all water-based and non-toxic.

    -> 1 Robot in pine wood: F.E.R or S.A.L 
    -> 1 paint set with 3 different colours.(Basic or Metallic)


  • Width 8 cm
  • Length 12 cm
  • Weight 75 gr

NOTE: Please choose between Metallic paint set or Basic paint set
-> 1 paintbrush

Being hand-finished from natural materials makes each robot entirely unique and none of them are the same. They will have slightly different shaping, wood finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasionally show wood knots. Please also remember that being handmade we make our best efforts to deliver a high-quality product but without the precision machining there may be some imperfections in the assembly process. We want to assure you we only sell the robots that are finished to what we believe is the best quality.

All of our products are recommended for children 5 years and over only. Since all of our products contain small parts, they are not suitable for children under 5 years as they pose a choking hazard.

They all have the potential to contain small pieces and possibly sharp edges. If not handled with care or dropped on a hard surface, they could break. We strongly recommend parent supervision when kids are playing with the product.

When purchasing our products for children, it is important to consider their age and stage of development. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer to gauge the suitability of our products.

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Additional information

Weight 0.159 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7.5 cm

F.E.R, S.A.L


Metallic Paint Set, Basic Paint Set


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