Giovanna – Assorted Finger Puppets


Little puppets for the little ones at home…

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My name is Giovanna, I am from Chile and I came to Australia in 2017 with my husband to start a new life.
Upon arrival in Australia, I started offering Latin American crafts in different markets in Melbourne through my business called “Mamapacha” (Mother Earth). My goal is to make our culture known, especially handmade crafts by Latin entrepreneurial women who help their families to achieve a better future.

I am currently working with people with disabilities and helping them through the creation of crafts such as; weaving, embroidery and stained glasses with native and recycled materials.

SisterWorks has given me the opportunity to feel integrated into a beautiful community of women entrepreneurs where we grow together and at the same time we can offer the best of our creations to Melbourne and all Australia people.

These woollen animals assorted Finger Puppets for little kids.

These little beauties are perfect for kids and toddlers who love to sing rhyme and play wonderful imaginative games and to hear terrific stories and classic plays. 

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