Lily – Beauty African Style Earrings


African inspired Jewellery by AKOS Creative.



Lily, also known by Lilian, is originally from Ghana and runs her own jewellery brand ‘Akos Creative’. Ghanaian traditional culture, lifestyle and symbols hold a special place in Lily’s heart, and she mainly uses traditional, colourful beads to create handmade jewellery pieces. She also incorporates the use of fabric to create her original jewellery and accessories: 

“I aim for value-based art as it inspires, connects diverse people and creates a sense of group and individual wellness”.

Before Akos Creative was started in 2017, Lily joined SisterWorks to help on her journey to create colourful, fun and engaging ethical fashion. Since moving to Australia, Lily has learnt to be strong and resilient, and the mentorship and training opportunities through SisterWorks have been invaluable for her business.

As well as working as an experienced graphic designer and illustrator, Lily is also a qualified social worker. Through this work, Lily is developing an exciting new philanthropic program with the aim of supporting children and small communities within Southern Ghana as well as here in Australia.

Lily’s jewellery pieces are vibrant, colourful and made with love!


  • Traditional African fabric


  • Length: 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 5 grams

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Mustard, Purple, Green, Blue


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