Lodoe- Small Assorted Koala Toys


Small Koalas Toys, that are easy to play with for little hands.

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These small Koala Toys

My name is Lodoe Wangmo. I was born in Tibet. I grew up in a remote village in Tibet. Most of the clothes we wore were a hand stitched and I learned to do that from the elders and I always love doing that. I  also learned how to make these Koala Toys.

In the early 90s, I moved to India so that I could have the freedom to practice my religion freely, to have the basic human rights and to have the privilege to meet H.H the Dalai Lama and hear teachings from him. 

I met my husband in India and we had two children together. They grew up in India and sadly, he never got chance to see their true home. While I was in India, I used to do stitching, knitting, and tried learning new techniques. I realised that my interests and passion were still alive. In 2016, we moved to Australia hoping for a better livelihood and better future for my son and daughter. But moving in this country has been a very challenging as I never had the privilege of going to school and English is not my father tongue.

Then I got engaged with Sisterworks and my life has been slight better since then. I got back in to stitching and learning new things from people there from Sisterworks.”

I sell my small Koala Toys at Sisterworks shop.

Length: 23 cm

Weight: 26g


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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 31 cm

Red Casey, Blue Taylor, Grey Jordan


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