Haruka- Long Amethyst Earrings


Amethyst, a semiprecious stone, is often used in jewellery and is the traditional birthstone for February.

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My name is Haruka, I am from Japan. I came to Australia in 2013, I first went to Perth and stayed there for few years working and learning English. When I started selling my crafts there, it was a struggle at first with my clumsy English, but besides my worry, my crafts were well received by local people, I’ve learnt that creativity and art connect people despite the language barriers. Then, I moved to Melbourne in 2016. Through meeting greater scale of cultural diversity in Melbourne I raised my awareness of environmental consciousness. My focus in creation is to express my individuality and share my love of creation, create pieces that are  uplifting  for  your  soul,  as  well  as  gentle on the  planet.

Sister works is a community which is empowering and encouraging. Meeting women who are independent, resilient and supportive has been very inspiring to me.

About these earrings:

Find me on Instagram : @halikalika_

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