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Bibs are an essential accessory from those first months of feeding your baby to the time when they start trying their first bites.

Designed and Handmade in Melbourne by Migrant Women

In 2021 Macarena faces a very challenging year surviving the big C and thus Bonita’s brand was born. Therefore, she needed to wear head products, particularly turbans and headbands to regain her confidence back after she loses all her hair.

I believe little details make a huge difference, by all means, I hope you love my products as much as I do”

Her passion to work with fabrics especially comes from her feminine heritage. Indeed, she grew up among fabrics and yarns, that’s how she loves to craft so much. Her best memories from her grandma are at the sewing machine or knitting, there is so much love behind each handmade product.

Macarena is from Chile. She arrived in Australia in 2015 looking for a secure and friendly place to live. As a result, after 4 hard work years, she found stability and now she sees her future in Australia.

“SisterWorks is the best place for migrant women to start their business and feel supported, particularly is like my second home”


The bandana is light, absorbent has the perfect size to be worn all day.

  • Premium organic cotton to ensure the softness your baby deserves. 
  • Can be worn from 0 – 18 months
  • Snap buttons for easy access
Machine wash & air dry


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