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“My name is Maryam. I was born and educated in Iran. I studied graphic arts and worked as a professional tailor.

In 2018 I migrated to Australia.I arrived in Sydney. I lived in Sydney  for a short time. I wanted to continue working as a tailor, but without English that was not possible. I decided to move to Melbourne to search for opportunities to study .

I have been living in Melbourne for two years. I study English at the Box Hill institute. My English classes are very interesting. In the meantime I have started a small business making dolls.

I find my doll craft very calming, it helps me to focus, it helps reduce my anxiety and depression. It is like doing meditation. 

A couple of months ago I was invited to a meet at Sisterworks where I was encouraged  to join them.

I enjoy meeting the women and seeing how successful they have become, during their time with Sisterworks.

Hopefully I will be able to sell my dolls and enjoy being part of SisterWorks for some time”.

These dolls are handcrafted:

Length app.: 25 cm

Weight: 300 gr


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Katrina, Lola, Katherine, Avery, Lily, Karl, Sandra, Bella, Diana


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