Haruka- Indigo Dyeing Cotton Scarves


The distinctive stripped pattern of Matsusaka  cotton which also became know as  “Matsusaka jima”

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Haruka- Indigo Dyeing Cotton Scarves

MATSUSAKA MOMEN (Matsatsa indigo dyeing cotton)

“It is said that people back in the Edo period often said Matsusaka momen was something they couldn’t live without, even for one day .”

In the late fifteenth century in Japan, new weaving techniques, called “AYAHATORI” and “KUREHATORI” were introduced in Matsusaka, Mie prefecture, and it became an epicentre of the fabric industry. Because of high quality of its fabrics, Matsusaka became famous and eventually led to the birth of “Matsusaka momen”. The unique striped pattern called “Matsusaka jima” was the traditional pattern for Matsusaka momen. Currently, only one factory exists that still produces the great quality of Matsusaka momen in Matsusaka. The manufacturing process of Matsusaka momen is now regarded as a national treasure. Thus, Kabuki caters still wear a striped kimono of Matsusaka momen. The beauty of Matsusaka momen is its sophisticated texture. It looks like a flat blue fabric from a distance, but when viewing it closely, refined stripes an be seen.

My name is Haruka, I am from Japan. 

Find me on Instagram : @halikalika_

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